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Hitnrun Package

hitnrun is the in-house development code of the research group. It consists of a (more modern) analysis package (AnaSimu), which is partially python-callable and a legacy simulation engine (hitnrun/hit) which is mostly useful for running proton transfer simulations on the basis of empirical valence bond models.AccessAccess to hitnrun for group members can be obtained by sending a public ssh key to Like other software in the group, the software is obtainable through a git-repository managed by the gitolite package. Once registered, you can clone the git repository with the command 'git clone tcstorage@gitserver:HitnrunMD'.Setup and ConfigurationChange working directory into the generated HitnrunMD directory and issue the commands:make config;make make;make; make AnaSimu;make doc;This should generate the most relevant codes and an html directory HitnrunDoc on the same file system level as HitnrunMD. Direct your web browser at .../HitnrunDoc/html/index.html for further help.

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